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CMPT Graphics developes and distributes collections of vector graphics since 2003. During this time, we have developed over 40 thousands miscellneous vector designs to be used in printing, publishing, outdoor advertising, plotter cutting, etc. Our artists and illustratore have wide experience in vector cliparts and CMPT Graphics developes up to 500 or 600 new high-quality vector images per a month.

CMPT Graphics has wide experience for vector images creation. We can work with images of various complexity and in all major vector graphic formatslike CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. CMPT Graphics also collaborates with a lot of illustrators in Europe, Russia and other CIS countries.

We distribute our vector designs through the following web sites where you can find more information on our services related to the vector graphics:

Vector-Images.comOnline vector clipart stock agency that offers vector images of coats of arms, emblems and miscellaneous vector thematic clipart. is the largest online service of vector graphics in Russia and offers thousands of vector images.

The vector clipart selection on is one of the largest worldwide and includes both miscellaneous thematic clipart (tattoos, animals, clipart military, transportation, etc.) and the unique heraldic vector clipart collection of images of coats of arms and flags of cities, countries and regions. Vector colection on is constantly expanding and being updated. provides services for vector graphics worldwide.

Our Microstock agency that offers high quality photos, vector and 3D illustrations. Single downloads and Subscriptions, Extended license available. Photographer's comission starts from 40%.

The selection of small, but unique, high quality and really exclusive collections of vector clip art on ornaments, fantasy, tattoos, funny cartoon drawings, and other topics. Only the best collections that are not available on another sites. Not registration required to buy collections or single images.

The large selection of Royalty-Free vector clip arts in small-sized collections (with 23-25 images) on miscellaneous thematic areas - ornaments, wildlife, tattoos, architecture, mythology, and much more. The online registration is not required to purchase the images.

The complete vector sets of flags, arms and seals worldwide - from all ationals flags and emblems, flags and seals of all the U.S. states, flags and arms of all Russian regions to the sets of arms and flags of the provinces and even cities in miscellaneous countries. The online registration is not required.

The bonus web site for's subscribers. AccuCLIPART includes more than 1000 free vector images.

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What is the vector graphics and the differene to raster graphics?

Computer graphics are generally stored in one of two different formats. Raster graphics are stored in a format that provides color information about each and every pixel in the image area. File formats such as Windows bitmaps (*.bmp), GIF, JPEG, TIFF images are examples of raster formats. Vector images are stored in a format that provides information about the shapes within an image. Lines, regions, points are listed with defining points and their colors. File formats such as Adobe Illustrator (*.ai), Corel (*.cdr), Encapsulated PostScript (*.eps) are examples of vector formats. When a vector image is stretched, no image clarity is lost. Due to the formulaic nature of the information, the graphic is independent of screen or print resolution. Generally, a vector file will be smaller than a raster file showing the same information.

It's very simple to convert vector graphics into raster graphics - just process the vector information as if you were going to print and save the output as a raster graphic. As a result, vector files aren't tied to a particular resolution - you can generate raster images of any size from vector files. Unfortunately, converting a raster graphic into a vector graphic isn't as easy.





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